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If you're experiencing non-critical content or technical trouble, please email us:

Is there a faster way to submit file requests in Festivals?
Yes, there is an option to upload a list of file requests using a .csv template. The template has two columns; one for the title of the file, one for the email of the provider. You can create your own and save as a .csv format, or you can download a template from the Import .csv section when you select Add Requests.

Does it cost money to receive file requests?
No. Uploads to your Festivals account are free to festivals and free to studios/distributors/content providers.

Does it cost money to download file requests?
Yes. You have to pay for every download from your Festivals account, whether it is to your computer desktop or to CS6 Hardware. You will need to purchase Aspera Entitlements through your account before you can download.

Can I receive content that is not DCP-formatted?
Yes. Content in any format can be uploaded to a Festivals account, anything from a .MOV file to a Pro Res. But if you need to screen the content on a digital cinema-equipped screen, that content will need to be converted to DCP. You can do this with a separate CineSend Files account.

Can I ingest DCP content directly from the CS6?
If you have access to a digital cinema screen, you can connect your CS6 to your digital cinema server or TMS and ingest DCPs directly from the CS6.

How long does it take for a feature DCP to download to a CS6?
Delivery time depends on the size of the DCP and the speed of your internet connection. Here are some rough estimates for a typical feature DCP at different internet speeds:

  • 50Mbps - 4.5hrs
  • 100Mbps - 2.5hrs
  • 500Mbps - 30min
  • 1Gbps - 14min

If a download is running, will I still be able to use my internet to do other things?
Yes. The CS6 can be configured with a maximum download speed that is less than the speed of your connection so that you always have capacity for other business systems.

Can the CS6 be set to only download at night?
Yes. It's possible to configure "time of day" restrictions to specify when downloads are allowed to run. This is most useful if you have a slower internet connection.

How many movies fit on the CS6?
A standard CS6 receiver comes with 16TB usable internal storage; that can hold more than 100 feature films. Internal storage can be upgraded to fit your needs.

Can all six CRU slots be used at the same time when transferring DCP content?
Yes. You can use as little or as many of the CRU slots when transferring DCP content.

What happens if the CineSend Hardware does not recognize a connected drive?
This likely means the connected drive is not properly formatted to meet DCI standards. When an unformatted drive is plugged in, you can click the Format button that appears near the top, and it will format the drive as EXT2 to meet DCI standards.

What happens if I receive DCP content that is corrupted?
Our CineSend Hardware and web interface is DCP Aware; this means our internal DCP Managers validate SMPTE and InterOp DCPs for playability, flag compliance issues, and fix common XML schema errors. If it is unable to fix the errors, it will flag the DCP as corrupted and you'll be unable to transfer the DCP to a drive.

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